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Thanks so much for visiting my blog. My name is Tamika and I love Jesus. Since becoming a Christian in 2004, it’s been a roller coaster adventure with highs and lows which I wouldn’t trade! My aim is to continue to follow Jesus with everything in me and to live out my God-given purpose.

I started this blog to challenge and encourage others who are passionate about Jesus and want to serve Him. In my life, I encounter situations and scenarios that often make me feel like Jesus is asking me the question Are You Really In?

That one question can unfold so many different ways in specific  circumstances which I will expand on in this blog. However, I’ve provided some examples below of questions I’ve had to answer:

✢    Are you really committed to following me despite the fact that it may mean standing alone?

✢    Are you bold enough to live out your beliefs even when they seem so counter-cultural?

✢    Is your personal relationship with me evident by the way you interact with people?

I’d like to say that my answer every time is “Yes, I’m really in”, however, the reality is I fall short sometimes but thankfully Jesus is always there to help me back up. It’s a daily battle to live for God moment by moment but I continue to pursue growth in this area with God’s help.

If you were asked the same question- Are You Really In?  How would you answer?

I pray that this blog encourages you to live 100% committed to Jesus and also challenges you to grow.


Tamika ☆


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