AYRI- On my Birthday

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I’m now another year older and I’m challenged to make this year better than the one before as I pursue growth.  I attended the Live2Lead event last year and was greatly challenged by John Maxwell’s talk on growth. He’d recently celebrated a birthday and shared on how he sought to pursue growth in the year ahead. He highlighted the following about growth:

  1. Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow will get better.
  2. Growth means change.
  3. Growth is a great separator between those who succeed & those that don’t succeed.
  4. Growth is joy!

My key takeaway and what I’m reminding myself of as I look ahead for this coming year is this:

Am I simply adding another year to my life or life to another year?


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14 thoughts on “AYRI- On my Birthday

  1. Happy belated Birthday Tamika, hope you enjoyed if to the fullest. Love2Lead was great and your post has been very encouraging. As we peruse growth it wouldn’t be easy but worth it. Enjoy the journey to always add life to another year.

  2. Tamika the world is your oyster. You can hitch your wagon to a star. The sky is the limit for you. I see the above as a challenge. Looking over my life I think it has been successfulI. I have done quite a lot and look forward to doing more, I always leave something on my list to do tomorrow. My greatest success however was in helping to raise my grandsons. Let me tell you I did not have a lot of success in writing this comment. I wrote it and lost it twice before. Tamika I am sure you will be successful.

  3. Powerful Tams. You have such an inquisitive mind that I know you already have projects you wish to accomplish. This is your time so go for it. We are standing with you. Monica

  4. Wow!!! Good food for thought. Even as God has me in a place where He is using ALL my experiences to grow me I am encouraged by your post. It’s not easy but I want to add another life to my year!!

  5. Tamika Happy birthday!!!
    Thanks for this really encouraging piece. I love the key points you referenced about growth. It truly is the great separator to lasting success.

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