A nugget is anything of great value or significance. AYRI Nuggets are bite-sized thoughts and concepts that God brings to my attention. Although short, AYRI nuggets share truth and encourages us to pause for a few moments and think.

AYRI Nugget #temporalvseternal

Sometimes it’s hard to juggle priorities when we’re really busy and have a lot going on. I’ve found that evaluating tasks in light of impact: temporal vs eternal helps me re-align my mind. I re-focus on the bigger picture, pray and ask God to help me choose that which will have the impact to last past this life. #temporalvseternal 

AYRI Nugget #mydefault

Watching Olympic gymnast, Shawn Johnson East react to her gold medal winning routine, she shared that her coach made her do 8 routines in warmup before she went out as he wanted to make her brain stop thinking so her body could take over and she would perform based on muscle memory. That made me think, when I'm tired and exhausted, what comes out as my default attitude, mindset etc? #mydefault